Kill the Noise- BLVCK MVGIC E.P (Owsla) Review

Kill The Noise is back with another amazing EP. Released on Skrillex’s own label OWSLA, The Black Magic EP covers all the generes you would expect KTN to cover and he does it well. From a moombah Dillon francis vibe track with Feed Me at 112bpm to a fast up beat track at 150 bpm. Each track is well crafted and filled with beautiful melodies and nasty bass sounds.

Black Magic (Kill The Noise Part. 2)
The Ep starts off in the same way his last EP “Kill Kill Kill” started off. With an intro track chanting “Kill The Noise”. This track sets the mood for the rest of the EP with the amazing use of Chord progression, melody, and signature KTN dirty sound design.

  1. Jump Ya Body Feat. Mercedes
    Jump Ya Body is a dubstep tune with the vocals from Mercedes. Starting off with a reggae vibe and then instantly into an insane dirty dubstep drop that everyone is sure to love.

  2. Mosh It Up
    For the first 16 bars this track starts off with that Trap sound that has been popular lately but then instantly goes into a build with the tempo slowly rising. The first drop is fast and up beat while the second goes back to that trap groove with an off beat “hey” sample. I always love when artist combine multiple generes together and especially when they are done smoothly like this.

This electro house track reminds me a lot of Knife Party and Far Too Loud with a growl bass to a fat saw chord and then of course to the typical “Yye!’ synth (which I wish producers would stop using). This track is good but probably my least favorite on the EP. I just feel that it’s too typical of a track that all producers try to imitate.

  1. Thumbs Up (with Feed Me)
    That’s right, this track is Kill The Noise and Feed me. Two of my favorite artist working on the same track together should be gold right? Well it is. This is my favorite track on the EP. At 112 bpm this track has everything I love in music lately; a jumping moombah groove, amazing sound design, chords and melodies implemented within the track in the right places.
    Thanks to Owsla you can download this track for free on their sound cloud page:

  2. Saturn ( with Brillz & Minxx)
    Saturn is the second electro house track on the EP. With a beautiful intro that I love, but a drop I don’t really care for. Don’t get me wrong the drop is good but it’s that “Yeah/ Yye!” synth that base been used in too many electro house tracks for awhile now. The middle of a track goes back into a beautiful progressive sound with beautiful vocals and a melody that is sure to get stuck in your head.

  3. Jump Ya Body (Dub)
    The EP ends with this beautiful piano piece of Jump Ya Body. Simply a great way to end the EP. Making the EP feel as more of a journey than just a bunch of tracks put together for DJs to play.

Stream the entire EP here before picking it up on Beatport or iTunes:


-Justin Perea

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