Craze, AC Slater, Flinch, Harvard Bass, and GTA invade Pomona!


Craze, AC Slater, Flinch, Harvard Bass, and GTA invade Pomona!

 Pomona has a rich historic background in music. With venues such as the Fox Theater and The Glass house. Every inch of downtown has some sort of memorable aspect. Passing by the record stores, listening to Barry White or a funky out of time Chromeo tune. Last Saturday was an action packed night; from the monthly, by weekly, festive events held in downtown by the city to the brutal fight between Pacquiao and Marquez. The streets of the red-lettered city were alive. Topping off the night was the show at the Fox Theater produced by Golden Voice, a Sub division of AEG live and creator of the world renounced festival: Coachella!

Electronic moguls invaded downtown Pomona: Craze, GTA, Flinch, AC Slater, and Harvard Bass. As the Arntre team walked up and to the rooftop to join the party we could already feel the torridness coming from GTA’s performance. Celebrating JWLS’s birthday him and Van Toth (GTA) kicked off the night, breaking in the crowd with their futuristic primal rhythms and hypnotizing hip hop songs. The night was just beginning and the algid environment was settling as the crowd was pouring in. Following GTA was no other than Victor Hugo or more commonly known as Harvard Bass. Quite a bit of a change in music but only Harvard bass can pull off the four four transition. He managed to get the crowd going and chanting his name to some heavy house.

Dubstep the growing genre that just spawned two decades ago was very prominent that night. With the genre being a focal point in pop music and even an influential factor to many acts around the world, coming across the genre was inevitable, especially with the talented producer “Flinch” on the bill. Pomona sure did react; people went crazy over Flinch’s set with groundbreaking wobbles and head busting bass lines the night was heating up. Both guys and girls alike were head banging, waving their hands in the air, and liberating their musical souls to the grimy sounds of Dubstep.

Ghetto fidget house producer AC Slater took us back to 2009, hitting the crowd with some massive based songs and up tempo grooves,  not only that.. he also managed to pull in some hip hop, changing up the feel of the club like some sort of magical puppeteer.

Scratch Guru Dj Craze (four time DMC world Champion) was the cherry on top of the ice cream for the night, spinning the genre sweeping the nation: TRVP, and might I add it was one hell of a set. Controlling the crowd he had them bouncing off the walls, having fun, and most importantly he had the girls ‘twerking’ as if it were their jobs. I have never seen such fierce Dancers. Even the securities couldn’t help but stare. Ad interim craze was showing off some classic juggling and back turns giving an authentic Craze show, living up to his name. I have to say Goldenvoice, the djs, and staff pulled of a great night, props to them and hopefully we have another night like that one. Thanks again!

– Chris Vazquez

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