So finally we get the new release of Avicii’s new single “I Could Be The One” alongside Nicky Romero. I was also able to find a DIY(Do It Yourself) Acapella of this track. It has a bit of white noise but it can easy be covered when you remix it. Also theres a music video that kind of reminds me of the “Levels” music video since it takes place at an office. Actually when you think about it this track is pretty much Levels 2.0. It has the same song structure as Levels and its also as good as the original, but I hope his next track doesn’t follow the same song structure. Any who enjoy this amazing track and make sure to buy it on beatport!

Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One(Vocal Mix) Photobucket

Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One(DIY Acapella)Photobucket

-Kobe & Bryant

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