The Observatory: Crunch Theory & Crookers (Review)

This past weekend was huge for EDM in So Cal. With two massive parties going on, Control (Friday’s) once again held down Los Angeles meanwhile Insomniac & Into the AM took over The Observatory (Orange County). It was my first time at The Observatory, let me start by saying, it was an amazing show. With state of the art lighting & sound, Insomniac and Into The AM remain true to assembling a quality party.

It wasn’t long before LA’s wobble extrodinare Crunch Theory plugged in & delivered a quality set. Playing the best of Tech House, Fidget, Electro & Bassline. I didn’t recognize much of what he played, but I did catch this track ID:

Savage Skulls – No. 1 (Peo De Pitte Remix)

As most of you heard the italian duo Crookers is now just  Fransesco “Phra” Barbaglia. I had my doubts when I heard about the split up earlier last year. Although, Phra is really holding it down for the Crookers name. An explosive intro with the famous Dr. Gonzo really heated things up. Throughout his set he dropped tunes from 08′-09′ such as:  Love to Edit, Let Me Back Up,  We Are All Prostitutes, & What Up Y’all. 


Crongo-rock? I struck a quick conversation with Rocco (Congorock) before he unexpectedly jumped on in the middle of Phra’s set. I didn’t get a chance to ID anything. (Although this wouldn’t be a bad idea for an italian duo project under the Crooker’s title). Given Phra & Rocco are both Italian. I enjoyed the few banging minutes of Congorock & Crookers going back-to-back. To wrap this up I highly reccomend these FREE tunes from Crunch Theory & Crookers, Enjoy!

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