FEED ME with TEETH @ Webster Hall Review [2.2.13]

Feed Me @ Webster Hall

Are you hungry? Because Webster Hall NYC was STARVING last week for the sharp teeth and dirty beats of Feed Me, joined by the house prodigy, Mord Fustang. Starting off the month of February right, on 2/2/13, Feed Me with Teeth and Mord Fustang came back to the city that never sleeps with full intentions to be the ruckus that had kept it awake. The crowd was itching to be let into the main concourse of the venue, anticipating what was just yet to come.

To kick off the two-night streak at Webster Hall this weekend, Alex English and Vakkuum opened the night, followed by Mord Fustang who set the tone with his warm electro house tunes, while dropping the occasional dubstep beat which made the crowd go wild. Mysteriously draped with a black curtain behind Mord Fustang’s set was the grilling “Teeth” light display of Feed Me, waiting to be exposed to the hungry crowd. After the UK DJ, Feed Me, held the house down at Pacha in September, he was ready to bring his all to Webster. You can never go wrong with a little electro house and dubstep, but when it comes to Feed Me, you better get ready to wobble, and throw your thumbs up for rock n’ roll. –

The light display was insane, to say the least. Taking up the entire stage, the mischievous, and infamous Teeth display was mesmerizing. Every single tune from the screeches, beeps, and head bobbing womps of Feed Me’s set were synchronized with the light show, and heard through the massive bass trembling speakers of Webster Hall. If you have ever been to Webster before, you’d know that it can get packed and that the crowd is enthusiastically aggressive, although that night the crowd was different. The atmosphere that Mord Fustang had set for the night carried throughout the show, up to the very last song around 3:30 AM. It’s hard to find dubstep that is “easy” to dance to, but Feed Me incorporates such a broad stream of sounds throughout his set that you can easily begin to move your feet. I swear that at one point everyone was moving in slow motion, the entire crowd was in sync to the beat while the little green Feed Me monster danced around the Teeth display. As the bass reverberated around the walls of Webster, the light show continued to hypnotize the head-banging audience. After dropping “Death By Robot,” “Gravel,” “Green Bottle,” “One Click Headshot,” “Trapdoor,” and more, Feed Me completely surpassed the crowds, as well as my own expectations. If you have the chance to catch Feed Me with Teeth live during his tour this season, grab your tickets, and don’t think twice about it. Don’t leave yourself starving… You don’t want to miss this!

Review Written By Julia Baronti

Check out this video of Feed Me himself talking about his journey with TEETH:

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