Kanye West feat. Daft Punk – Black Skinheads ???

Kanye-DaftPunk-1News broke earlier this month that Kanye West is working with Daft Punk for his upcoming album “Yeezus” out June 18th, we’ve been excited to hear what these tracks sounds like. This past saturday “Saturday Night Live” finished up their season with a performance from non-other than Kanye West who premiered two of his new tracks titled “New Slaves” & “Black Skinheads” off of Yeezus. A clip of the performance can be seen below.

“Not even rapping, more like screaming in this very primal way,” said Thomas Banglater in an interview with Rolling Stone. He was talking about Daft Punk’s most recent work with rapper Kanye West.


Rolling Stone contributing editor Jonah Weiner (who wrote the breaking story) tweeted this, including a screenshot from his article:jonah_weiner_tweet

No official confirmation that this is indeed Daft Punk behind this new track, but all signs are starting to point in this direction, especially with Thomas Bangalter’s descriptive statement given above after his time working with Kanye in the Paris studio. It’s important to note that this is not yet confirmed and remains speculation for now.

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