Nicky Romero – “Symphonica” Remix Package Featuring Cash Cash, Bare, & Suedes

click-1Yesterday, Protocol Recordings, Nicky Romero’s innovative label, releases the mammoth “Symphonica” remix package featuring Cash CashBare, and Suedes. As “Symphonica” has gained recognition as a Beatport #1, it has won over the masses with its emotive orchestrated elements and pulverizing electro basslines that expand on Nicky Romero’s signature sound. Following up on the track’s worldwide success, Protocol Recordings has selected the swiftly emerging producers, Cash Cash, Bare, and Suedes, to showcase their own distinctive styles for a powerful, eclectic offering that is nothing short of remarkable. Protocol Recordings continues with its consistent quality output, and will certainly maintain its rise to prominence with more  releases to come.

Kicking off the “Symphonica” remix package, Cash Cash delivers a jaw-dropping electro-house rendition that features a chopped and screwed dynamic with added drums, a vocal-like synth, and a stunning mid-tempo bridge. Next up, Bare provides a heavy dose of bass with his hybridized trap masterpiece complete with MPC-type sampling. Rounding out the package, Suedes drops the BPM for a reggae-influenced dubstep monster that brings a girthy take on the original without diminishing its melodic nature. The remixes for “Symphonica” are sure to bring new life to one of Nicky Romero’s most forward-thinking tracks.

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