Watch: Daft Punk featured in the Lotus F1 Racing Commercial

Daft-PunkIt’s been Daft Punk pandemonium for a while with all of the hype regarding the new album. Now, to add to that, the band gets their own racecar.


Daft has been posting mysterious messages, a couple of days ago several brief videos were posted that featured the two in their signature helmets alongside some race cars. It was later confirmed that the videos were official and for the Lotus F1 Team, a British Formula One racing team.

Later, two full-length commercials featuring Daft Punk were posted. Interestingly, based on the caption for a Youtube user’s video titled, “Daft Punk Comercial LOTUS f1 TEAM (Extended No Official), it would seem that the car is racing in the Grand Prix.


The videos were likely borne out of the recent partnership between Daft Punk’s label, Columbia Records, and Lotus F1.

The band has certainly kept busy lately, by declining tour rumors, remaining adamant about not using live actors in any possible upcoming live shows, and releasing special bonus tracks for select countries.

Watch the clips below:

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