Skream Calls It Quits “Dubstep is Just a Name Now”


Skream aka Oliver Dene Jones has officially called it quits on Dubstep. Although he is not quitting his career as a dj/producer. His musical interests have shifted towards Disco and Funk. His collaborative project Magnetic Man consists of himself, Benga and Artwork. These were Oliver’s last words on his separation from Dubstep:

“Dubstep is just a name now. It doesn’t have a meaning any more and the movement is over. It’s like the end of a relationship but it’s ended on a high. I’ve done dubstep since I was 14 but there’s no way I’m going to be dictated to. I stopped because I’m not inspired by it any more.” – Skream

Word has it, Magnetic Man will be releasing their second album.

“Our last album was a classic, so the second one is never going to live up to it. This one is a whole new concept.” -Skream


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