What So Not “The Quak EP” (OWSLA)

artworks-000048812704-lr6t7q-largeMORE MIND BENDING GOODNESS FOR YOUR HEAD – What So Not from Australia have graced us with the dub versions of 2 of the songs from their upcoming Meal Ticket EP on OWSLA, which will be out June 25.

A few words from the boys about the tunes:

‘The Quack’
“The Quack is everything we love about this project. Create the strangest sound possible & turn it into an infectious rhythm. It’s a stomper with character, not your everyday 808 banger. It’s raw and real!”

‘High You Are’
“High You Are was an experiment. We wanted to take the concept of groove based house & push it to the extreme. Something that could hold its own, against the biggest ‘EDM’ hit, without compromising the feel & soul. The power to make people move, not just fist pump.”

OWSLA & Sweat it Out

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