Munchi Update “I just keep going on and on, doing what I believe in”

221902_117094171705877_73491_nOur pal Munchi updated  his Facebook account just a few minutes ago. He simply thanks his dedicated fans for following him as an artist-producer. He also states that he never paid for Facebook Likes’ or targeted followers. Munchi also says, he never mislead a fan into liking his Facebook page for a false track. He hash tags his update “con-dios-delante”  (forward with god) and “Sin-Miedo” (without fear). Any real Munchi fan knows how honest, humble, genuine, and bright this guy is. We congratulate Munchi on all his accomplishments. Be sure to read his update below, cheers.

Munchi Update

“Wow. I just realised;

I never really stopped to think about this since I just keep going on and on and on, doing what I believe in, but:

19.000 Facebook likes!! Almost 45.000 followers on Soundcloud!!

#eiiiipipooooo HAHA

Without paying for FB/Soundcloud/Youtube likes or Twitter followers, without getting shit ghost produced, without misleading fans to like your page to download a track, without spamming people till they dead, without having a manager/booking agent/etc., without paying blogs to put my shit up, without a deal, without knowing wtf i’m actually doing, without cheesy formulas to make a hit, without annoying Youtube commercials just to get 5 cents, aaaaaaaa etc.

Basically without giving a fuck, only about the music!!

I do understand that if I did my shit differently it could’ve been much bigger, but I don’t really think that I want that.

Damn yo. Like for real man. Thank you so fucking much for the support mi gente!! 3 years already, shit is crazy!!

#condiosdelante #SINMIEDO

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