IHCSundays w/ LOUDPVCK Lil Texas + More!


With In a short amount of time  IHEARTCOMIX has dominated Hollywood at the infamous Drais. The Los Angeles based company that also produces Check Yo Ponytail has been showcasing an array of artist at IHCSundays from Jersey Club King Dj Sliink to Germany’s electronic duo Digitalism. This week they are coming at full force with trap moguls LOUDPVCK, Lil Texas from the M|O|D crew, Brrrang A Dang from HAM On Everything, and Iheartcomix’s very own $U$PECT! This week’s show is definitely not one to pass up. Don’t forget to RSVP here for  FREE entry.

Los Angeles’s very own Kenny Beats and Ryan Marks aka LOUDPVCK just dropped a new mixtape, check it out before their performance this sunday!

Who is Lil Texas? Sam Barry is an electronic producer based out of Dallas, Texas. Deriving from the super group M|O|D Lil Texas and friends have risen through the ranks with their next – level sound. The group consist of many known names such as Arnold, Rewrote, C.Z., Yung Satan, and Lil Texas Himself. Each member bringing their own unique sound to the table making M|O|D and unstoppable league of producers. Take a listen at some of Sam’s latest tunes:

– Chris Vazquez 

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