Nicky Romero vs Krewella – LEGACY (Out Now)

009_Protocol_lowres_UltraThe crossover dance music mastermind, Nicky Romero, releases the highly sought-after collaboration with Krewella, “Legacy”. After seeing “I Could Be The One” with Avicii, “Still The Same Man,” and “Symphonica” reach a prominent level of commercial success this year, Nicky Romero continues on his auspicious musical journey showcasing yet another forward-thinking production. “Legacy” is an unmistakable hybridization of big-room flair matched with bass-driven intensity that exemplifies what can happen when two of the hottest names in dance music come together. Preview “Legacy” below.

“Legacy” is available exclusively on Beatport via Protocol Recordings:

The long rumored collaboration between Nicky Romero and Krewella has finally come to fruition for the whole world to experience. “Legacy” flows through an evocative sequence with the ever-so familiar Krewella vocals layered over playful, filtered synths and evolving percussive elements that lead into a frenzied build. The track then ignites with the full-throttle energy of booming drums, dynamic melodies, and a powerful, wobbley bassline, all precisely arranged to sonic perfection. “Legacy” is a surefire festival anthem that will be heard far and wide at main stages, clubs, and everywhere in between.

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