Hardwell and W&W “Jumper” (Out Now)

clickComing off huge success in the past couple of months and even being said to deserve to take the #1 spot on this years upcoming DJ MAG Top 100, Hardwell collaborates with the dutch duo W&W to create a progressive dutch bomb titled “Jump.” Finally debuting after first being introduced at this years Ultra Music Festival during Hardwell’s set, the project is set to release on the 5th of August through Beatport. Incorporating the styles of both Hardwell and W&W, we get the progressive and big room sound that Hardwell has to offer with the dutchy hard hitting electro sound that W&W bring to the table. Expect the hit that is already being played at festivals around the world to be around to for a bit longer.

Buy it here: http://btprt.dj/193QUJV:



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