Throw Back Thursday #1


Hello everyone! Its a sweating balls type of day here in Los Angeles and I was just rummaging around some “classic” tunes that I wanted to share with you. These songs will be included in an all new Throw Back Thursday (TBT) series that will feature some oldies but goodies from around the time that I really got into the dance music scene. So get out your record player because we are going back in time.

1. Benny Benassi – Finger Food

Go back a few summers, when the esteemed Electric Daisy Carnival did not have the glamor of Las Vegas. Back when it was raw and you could go see the world’s best DJs at the Coliseum. When I hear this song, it immediately takes me back to summer time and walking around the grass field that was the Kinetic Field.

2. Dem Slackers – Let’s Go (Bart B More Remix)

If you were in the dance music scene circa 2 years ago, Im sure you have heard this song a time or two before. One of my my favorite tracks of that time. Ive heard many a DJs keep this track in their crate of records to play.



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