feed me_calamari tuesday-highres USE THISFeed Me, the Machiavellian alter-ego of producer Jon Gooch, today revealed plans to release his debut album ‘Calamari Tuesday’ via his forthcoming label, Sotto Voce. Sotto Voce will provide a home for Gooch’s various aliases including Feed Me, Spor and Seventh Stitch, as well as other artists Gooch admires.

Gooch has spent the last two years travelling around the world while working on this album.  Influenced by the places he visited, the meals he ate and of course the antics of the mischievous character Feed Me. ‘Calamari Tuesday’ is diverse and dense, 15 track album, where Gooch delivers a snapshot into the world of Feed Me.

On Feed Me’s debut album nothing is straightforward or expected, Caribbean bounces morph into electro crunches transition into ethereal vocals, moments of dancefloor madness are mirrored by delicate strings and melodies. It’s an album singular in sound, underpinned by the raw sense of fun inherent in Feed Me’s work, confirming why Jon Gooch is one of electronic music’s truly unique voices.

In Jon’s own words:

“Hello, this is my first full-length album. It represents a journey through various styles of music, two years of intensive touring around the world in a variety of incredible locations, and the construction of my live show and imaginary friend, from sketches into tangible reality. It’s something I now see as a collaboration between me and Feed Me. It’s very serious.”

Calamari Tuesday will be released on Sotto Voce on October 14. Feed Me is liable to reveal several of the new tracks ahead of that date.

Feed Me etched his toothy grin into music’s collective consciousness with releases like The Spell, Death By Robot and One Click Headshot. He has remixed the likes of Muse, Timbaland, Crystal Fighters and Gorillaz. In 2012, Feed Me designed and created the live show Feed Me with Teeth. He gobbled up North America, in 2013, for a 17-date sold out tour, slobbering over Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and other tasty cities.

Feed Me is the creation of Jon Gooch.

Track List:
01: Orion (Original Mix)
02: Death By Robot (Original Mix)
03: Lonely Mountain (Original Mix)
04: Feed Me featuring Tasha Baxter – Ebb & Flow (Original Mix)
05: Rat Trap (Original Mix)
06: Dazed (Original Mix)
07: Feed Me featuring Yadi – Ophelia (Original Mix)
08: In The Bin (Original Mix)
09: Chinchilla (Original Mix)
10: Fiasco (Original Mix)
11: Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Original Mix)
12: Short Skirt (Original Mix)
13: No Grip (Original Mix)
14: Onstuh (Original Mix)
15: Last Requests featuring Jenna G (Original Mix)

Pre-order Calamari Tuesday on iTunes:

Click Here

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