The Phantom’s Revenge – The Real Title Is Too Long To Fit Here

artworks-000057523143-83v3m3-t500x500The title of the mix is actually “ALL THOSE INTENSE GYM DUDES BLOWING THEIR MONEY ON VODKA RED BULL IN A FAKE IBIZA LISTENING TO LEVELS GETTING HYPED ON FAKE TITTIES.” This is one of the best mixes I’ve ever heard, not only does he mix in any songs that he wants he makes the transitions sound perfect, along with that he adds random parts from movies he likes during some of the transitions. This mix has songs from genres as hip hop, R&B, Bass Music, Trap, 80s, and oldies. This is definitely a good 2 hour mix that always stays fresh. There is no track list yet but I recommend following him on facebook and he’ll eventually post it up. Or you can contact me at and I can tell you the tracks I know or I can help you find the one you like.


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