Tonight Check Yo Ponytail 2 w/ Shit Robot, Avan Lava + Exclusive Mix

CYP-SHITROBOT-INSTA-4-665x665Check Yo Ponytail is back with another radical dance show featuring DFA Godfather Shit Robot, the ever so fashionable AVAN LAVA, DFA’s Greco Selector Larry Gus, and A Club Called Rhonda resident Goddollars. Tons of dance vibes and fun times to be had. So make sure you call in to work and take advantage of IHC late summer celebration at the Echoplex.

We’re excited to share with you AVAN LAVA‘s exclusive Check Yo Ponytail Mixtape. The always fashionable 5-piece just released their Flex Fantasy EP in 2012 and are currently finishing up their debut LP. While we anxiously wait for the next record, here’s a 50 minute club mix from the band that fuses pop, disco and dance to amp you up for another amazing Check Yo!

Tickets are available HERE.

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