Moombahton is strong and still standing: GTA – Yolohton (Download)

gta-quickieToday the Moombahton world got a special surprise from the talented duo out of Florida known as GTA.  As we all know GTA (JWLS & Van Toth) have been touring overseas and recently rocking the festival scene here in the states and drawn an immense number of people to their sets. This duo has been showering the EDM scene with massive bangers for a minute now and they’re no strangers to the Moombahton movement. With the release of  Yolohton track via Calvin Harris Fly Eye Records it is clearly seen that Moombahton is strong and still standing. This “DEAD GENRE” is well and alive due to massive contributors like GTA and many others. Moombahton may not be on the top of the EDM charts but it is roaming around and gets a great reaction at shows and festivals out there, and last time I checked that is what great music does. So with that I leave you this massive banger for you guys to check out and enjoy.  MOOMBAHTONFOREVER!

-Steve Ohh!

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