IHC Sundays Grand Opening at Lure (Event Review)

IHC-SUNDAY-CLOCKWORK_masterOn Sunday night we kicked off a new look IHC Sunday’s as we trapped at the weekly events debut at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. The landscape of Lure is way more live show friendly, majorly making it feel like a concert hall inside a Hollywood night club. Five dollar brews all night  ( dos Equis FTW), rave quality lighting perfectly synced and sequenced to the tunes, crazy orbs hanging from the ceiling, this grand opening was nothing short of a spectacle.

The lineup was started off with some killer mixes by homies Bones and Franki Chan, both sets getting everyone up and moving the second they came in the venue. Headlining was Clockwork, who as usual, turned everyone up, even saw a few twerkers twerking around. Lastly and probably the best set I’ve witnessed all year Just Blaze, legendary hip hop producer turned edm producer/dj absolutely made this grand opening grand. Mixing classic hip hop samples to higher bpm dance tracks, the guy is a man amongst boys when it comes to putting it down on the boards

All in all it was a great night to be on Hollywood, sick grand opening, LA continues to be the hub of edm music hosted at Lure Hollywood. Shout-out to IHEARTCOMIX for amazing show!

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