Munchi the master of Moombahton strikes again!

munchi1-copyThe master of Moombahton strikes again with a tune that comes straight out of the vault.(Ohh! and have we been waiting for this one!) This Munchi x Bro Safari collab was heard on various mixes and witnessed by those who’ve been lucky to catch a Munchi set. Sin Compromiso has to go down as a Moombahcore classic in my books. With that Final Countdown bit followed by the iconic Munchi whistle, the rest is just a work of Moombahcore art. Since being unleashed to the public the once unreleased gem is now the most talked about tune out there. God and Munchi himself only know what kind of arsenal is kept from us, but trust me one day they will be released and Moombahton will lose its breath for a minute. Everything this musical mastermind touches turns into ORO PURO. As long as El Desaparecido doesn’t leave the Moombahton scene completely, we will all be safe of that sudden Death that haunts us! #MOOMBAHTONFOREVER!

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