Worlds of Imagination invades Calgary, Alberta, Canada

WOI_Poster_CalgaryNovember 10, 2013 will mark the date that the Immersive Music Tour: Worlds of Imagination invades Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the first time ever . Worlds of Imagination is an extrasensory concert experience featuring an evolutionary fusion of electronic dance music, art, Cirque de Soleil-style acrobatic performances and production in its highest form. Comprised of many different editions, Worlds of Imagination will introduce a new fantasy world each and every time to enhance your senses and transport you to another universe. Visually, a complete transformation of each venue will take place through the incorporation of dramatic visual effects, choreographed live entertainment and world class audio and video. For the November 10th show, the theme is “Forbidden Gardens”, which will combine a Pandora-style world with exaggerated fantasy landscape elements to create an ethereal atmosphere. Beyond the horizons of the norm, Worlds of Imagination is revamping the typical concert into a full body, mind, and spiritual adventure! The unique and unmatched visual experience will feature a line-up of world class DJs including Bassnectar, Brillz, Torro Torro and Mark Instinct with additional support from local talent. The show will be taking place at the Big Four Building, with an estimated 4000 people expected to attend. Tickets are moving very fast so make sure you go grab them while you can and don’t miss out on a truly immersive experience. More information regarding the event and tickets can be found at the links below.


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