Fahria Yasmin – Cockies (EP)

FAHRIA_YASMIN_PRESS_2You might never hear the name Fahria Yasmin in our local music industry, but this name is not a newcomer for clubbers. DJ Yasmin, that’s how we call her. She’s one of so many great female DJ’s in Indonesia, and she tries her luck to be a producer in the fierce competition of the Indonesian DJ scene. To do that, she brings her own ammo, and that is Cookies, a mini album with 3 instrumental songs, which are quite potential to be the clubbers’ anthem in the clubs or even be one of the songs in our playlist that will recharge our moods.

For her number one hit, Fahria Yasmin relies on the single titled Blessed. This song, with 128 BPM tempo, is full of Progressive House ambience. If we wanted to make a story out of it, then it will show its romantic side reflected by the piano that make this song sounds so sexy. “This song is about a couple in love. They face the ups and downs together,” Fahria Yasmin says in describing her song. Talking about genre, this mini album is made live by the Progressive House blood that runs in its core. She has been listening and living this “electronic dance” music for so long. Names like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, John Digweed, and Chris Reece are her favorites and the main influences in her music. Stream here 3 track EP below.

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