BoysNoize presents: Dance Mania (Download)


BNR thought it’s time to pay tribute to one of their favorite labels and producers so they’ve asked the Boysnoize Records crew and friends to produce tracks for this special compilation. Kicking off proceedings in fine booty shaking style we find French producer Feadz ‘shakin that ass’ on ‘Go On Girl’ whilst Strip Steve ‘Busts Your Shit’ with the deeper house soul of Ron Hardy overseeing proceedings.

Bart B More adds some unique industrial flair to the Dance Mania show but of course never forgets that all important Chicago ‘Bounce’, DJ Scholar aka SCNTST keeps it deep with ‘Simple Mane’ whilst adding some classic ‘Oh, Oh’ call and response shouts into the mix and Rynecologist’s ‘B.A.N.’ does exactly what it says on the tin, ‘busts a nut!’

SCNTST pops up again with the frenzied freak of ‘Change Dat Tape’, Boys Noize & Housemeister take it to the ghetto bass and bleep abyss with ‘1988’ and then the Dance Mania maestro himself delivers the totally wigged-out, jackin-stomp of ‘High Frequency’ giving the album that all important stamp of approval.

Things then get stripped down to the bare essentials as Harvard Bass & Pilo step to the plate with the raw Armani jack feel of ‘Twerk Talk’, Audionite busts a move with the hypnotic yet pulverizing ‘Trax-O-Matic’ and then Nightslugs kingpin Bok Bok and Rush Hour’s Tom Trago join forces with more clipped and subtle jack roll of ‘Silent G Safari’.

Finally Pipes aka Steven Stoner and Matthew Pipes bring up the tempo with the bell ringing jack riddim that is ‘Double Staxxx’ and BS1 adds the one missing element in between all the 909 kicks and vocal shout refrains – the whistle as theraptly titled ‘Whistle Jack’ closes out a fine tribute to the legendary jacking funk of Dance Mania.

Purchase: Beatport

Download the Full comp below.



  1. Feadz – Go On Girl
  2. Strip Steve – Bust Your Shit
  3. Bart B More – Bounce
  4. DJ Scholar – Simple Mane
  5. Rynecologist – B.A.N. (Bust A Nut)
  6. SCNTST – Change Dat Tape
  7. DJ Funk – High Frequency
  8. Boys Noize & Housemeister – 1988
  9. Harvard Bass & Pilo – Twerk Talk
  10. Audionite – Trax-O-Matic
  11. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Silent G Safari
  12. Pipes – Double Staxxx
  13. BS1 – Whistle Jack

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