TJR Live at Havoc Thursdays (Yost Theater) 11/21 Review

1464769_706549279363898_1860214070_nThe Yost Theater implemented, yet again, another amazing club event with headliner, TJR (TJ Rozdilsky), thanks to the effort of White Rabbit Group.


The two opening DJs, Ninja Funk (John Paras and Steve Schuitt) and DJ Precept (Alex Castro), knew exactly how to rev up the crowd for TJR.  Ninja Funk threw down massive bangers to commence the party that was about to begin, as well as did Precept.  Ninja Funk jumped around and got the crowd moving with their opening set.  Precept got the crowd to really listen and feel the music with his articulate skills and heavy bass.  Club goers were already taking off their shirts and climbing on top of railings to utilize their amount of excitement (until security quickly asked them to get down).  Both Ninja Funk and DJ Precept were the perfect choices to open for the incredibly talented TJR.


TJR proceeded to maintain and advance the excitement and good vibes.  He spoke to the crowd just enough times to get a positive rise out of them, while also allowing the music to play so the crowd could get down to his funky beats and enticing tempos.  TJR included his big hits like “Ode to Oi,” “What’s Up Suckaz,” and “Ah Yeah” by Will Sparks (TJR remix), in his set.  TJR also played one of his new tracks exclusively for the Yost Theater that he will debut soon, so keep a look out for it.


TJR is not only known for having great talent as a music producer, but he also knows how to keep a crowd entertained in any situation.  At one point in the show, he was using the DJ equipment (provided by the Yost Theater), which included a CDJ that decided to create an error in TJR’s set.  While the stage management quickly tried to fix the issue, TJR used his humor as a tool to keep the crowd interested.  TJR explained the issue and that it was not his fault, while the crowd chanted his name and he decided to reply to the crowd humorously, “No, no, no. My name is Tiesto.”  Because of the sensation Tiesto has left on the EDM scene and the fact that Tiesto has become a mainstream DJ in EDM, I would assume TJR is politely making fun of the many EDM fans that choose to only follow the mainstream.  Therefore, TJR has proven he has the knowledge to deal with awkward situations and that the night should be lighthearted and all about having a good time.


Towards the end of his set, TJR also went back to his roots of DJing and started scratching (a turntablist technique), which contributed to the variety of his set.  The crowd could see how energetic and into the music TJR was, but it was backstage where the efficiency he put into his technique could be seen.  He is a DJ that is completely precise in his talent by moving rigorously to conduct the performance he wanted to create, while also being charismatic and enjoying the music being played as well.  The crowd kept moving and the Yost Theater stayed jam-packed until 2 A.M. when the show had to come to a close.  We can only expect TJR to continue to have a successful career and positive outcomes to proceed in his future with the original tracks and remixes he produces.


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