Interview: Tom Staar tells us his top 3 albums of all time



Hey Tom, thank you very much for taking your time to speak with us, we
really appreciate it!


For the people that are just getting to know you, when did you first get
started with production? What was your first big break?


Ive been producing and djing for over 10 years now! I’ve had various guises and been involved in multiple music styles. For the Tom Staar stuff things really started rolling last year after the release of my remix of African Drop, it was supported by loads of A list DJs and really began to get the name out there.


Your latest tunes that have released are HUGE! It must be awesome producing these records and being able to play it out to hundreds and thousands of people around the world, what goes through your mind when producing these tracks? What influences you to make such tunes?


My main influences are the gigs i play and the reaction from the crowds at them. It feels amazing after spending days working on my own in the studio to see the tunes work on a big stage.



Who or what has been the biggest motivation for you to pursue your DJ/production career?


I think really it came from being a clubber myself and wanting to be more involved, music has always been a big part of my life and being able to make a career of it is great.


We see that you have collaborated with all sorts of artists and vocalists, what are some artists you haven’t collaborated with yet that you would love to work with?


I’d love to work with Tommy Trash or any of the Swedes (Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso)


What are your top 3 must have essentials when you tour?


USB sticks – I play from these using the CDJ2000s so obviously they’re pretty important.


My Tom Staar Helmet – I take this with me to the big shows, if its going off ill get it out, wave it around and stick it on for a bit 🙂

Tom Staar Press Shot 1

Vodka – Always love to get a few inside me before a big show


When it comes to gigs, do you prefer a small size club with a few hundred people, or a huge festival crowd with a few thousand people? 



I always find it hard to decide. Obviously it is amazing being on a huge stage with loads of production, but i also love the close proximity to the crowd in the small venues.


Whats your Favorite album of all time?



Prodigy – Experience/Music For A Jilted Generation. Can never decide between the two, both have been so influential on my music.


Fatboy Slim – You’ve Come A Long Way Baby – Fatboy Slim was a real idol of mine when i was growing up, had all his records and loved his music so much. Its been a real honor to tour with him so much this year.


Global Underground Tony De Vit Live in Tokyo – Although not an artist album but a mix compilation this was very influential for me early on in my career, and still influences me now.


Outside of the studio and club, what do you like to do in your free time?


Most of my free time (which isn’t very much) is spent relaxing with my wife Mirella.


Now that the year is coming to an end, what have been your favorite releases of 2013?


Showtek’s Booyah has been huge for me this year.


Any exclusive updates you can share with us here first as far as new collaborations or releases? 


I’ve had a very busy couple of months just gone with three single and a remix being released, so they’ll be no more new stuff from me this year. I have a track called Rocket scheduled in for release on Toolroom Records in January though, and have also just started work on a collab with Nom De Strip.


Thanks again for your time Tom! Hope you finish the year strong and have a big year in 2014 and beyond, any new producers we should be looking out for? 



Obviously my friend Kryder is set be huge this year. Nom De Strip is another you should definitely look out for.

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