Scott Storch ventures into EDM and introduces ElektroGazem

scott-storch-2013If you’ve had a radio and a pulse in the early 2000’s, chances are you’ve heard of Scott Storch. Storch took the hip hop industry by storm by producing for every top player on the game including Dr. Dre,  50 Cent, Beyonce, TI, Lil Wayne and a heap of others and he even worked on tracks with the doctor himself. Good news for edm fans has surfaced this week with the super producer venturing into the electronic movement. Last week Scott Storch celebrated his 40th birthday at LIV Las Vegas, the crowd received their own special surprise that evening, the opening show of ElektroGazem (Scott Storch and dj Robert Patroni) an EDM drenched tour, dropping in 2014. ElektorGazem sound is so amazing and it carries Storch’s recognizable sound. “I have fallen back in love with music, which has allowed me to get back to my roots and create sounds without borders,” says Storch on his latest news. If any of his previous work can be used to vouch for his musical talents, we in the edm community can expect some very massive work from one of the legends of producing. Scott Storch dropping the bass, prepare yourself!

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