Wizards “Winter Tan” EP is 32 minutes of production supremacy

1391621_446050755505199_452075411_nWizard proves once again why he is one of the UK’s premier trap producers in an extremely competitive region; his newest ear candy for fans, the “Winter Tan” EP is 32 minutes of production supremacy. Nine tracks make up the EP, and challenges you to choose a favorite tune. Definitely worth mentioning is the song “Slapz” which is the perfect blend of hip hop and trap elements, and Sousa mastered to the touch. Wizard truly sets the bar high with his level of production and you shouldn’t expect anything less coming out of the Cream Collective Camp. Wizard shows us what it takes to be at the top, making such brilliant work sound so easy to make. Be sure to check out his soundcloud as well as the Cream Collective site for the EP, and get down with greatness. FEAR THE WIZ


-Dee Wash

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