Gutter Brothers “Wreck” + Exclusive Interview

1724255_626179264120376_938697014_nThe much anticipated new track from Gutter Brothers has arrived and it is everything we hoped it would be. “Wreck” is a trap twerk track that will eliminate any speakers it’s played on with its above par 808 usage and upbeat tempo. The transitions leading up too and coming out of the drops are above par, in true GB fashion. GET DOWN, KEEP IT GUTTER!


1. How did you guys come together to form Gutter Brothers, and what were you doing individually before?  


Val – Colin and I met working at 2K Games. We were video game testers for the game Borderlands 2. At the time I was working on my own dubstep project named V1L1NT while Colin was putting together dubstep mixes under the name Dissentia. We worked together but didn’t realize our similar taste in music until our co-worker tried to bash dubstep. Colin jumped up from across the room and said “Who the fuck has a problem with dubstep, that’s my shit!” and then I realized a dope ass dude had been sitting right in front of me the entire time. We started going to shows and then somebody dropped an 808 on the floor during their set which sent our brains down the path we are on now.


Colin – Haha, yeah, we came together to make Trap pretty much as soon as we heard it and realized we both loved it. It’s been a very natural thing, and beyond Trap and even EDM, our musical tastes have been very similar, which makes working together an exciting and smooth process.

2. Of all the projects you’ve released, which would you say has been your favorite or has meant the most?  


We are sitting on a track right now that I am sure will be our favorite release but currently we have to give all the love to our Valentine’s Day EP “Kiss Me, I’m Gutter”. We left work and spent a couple of months just working on music and that is what became “Kiss Me, I’m Gutter”.  Pesh from hit us up and asked if we wanted to release an EP with them and we said “Fuck Yeah!” Pesh really gave us an opportunity to shine when no one knew who we were. That shit is dope because it takes opportunities like that to make your way up and that was our foot in the door!

3. What is one element that is necessary in every Gutter Brothers track?  


Val – 808s. I don’t care if it’s trap, dubstep, house, country or otherwise; I love making music with sub bass kicks being the centerpiece. That is the one element I always tried to use, even before EDM trap was a thing. I grew up listening to rock and industrial music but I loved how the down south bass sounded. I tried to merge the worlds a few times in my own music but not until now have a really gotten a feel for how 808’s can truly replace conventional bass in popular music. I think that it is one of the dopest thing to happen to music since distortion.

4. Who are some of your favorite producers/dj’s in the industry? 

Val – Diplo has been one of my favorites for a while because of the way he stays ahead no matter what’s going on but to name a few others: Bear//Face,  Etc! Etc!, Borgore, KickRaux, $yrup, Jackal, Louisiana Jones, Rell The Soundbender, Ookay, Kennedy Jones, and too many to name always.


Colin – Everybody he said, plus GTA, JSTJR, Bro Safari, Boombox Cartel, DJ Snake, Dismantle, Enferno, Feed Me, Culprate, Getter, Kai Wachi, Must Die!, Tomsize, Cy Kosis, Party Favor, and so many others.

5. What sets Gutter Brothers apart from the rest?  


Val – I think we are just starting to come into our own. I don’t think we have set ourselves apart as much as we will in the near future honestly. We just see the world different than mass (which should be common for most artists) and I am sure that plays into how we approach music and DJing. I think when you just turn off your peripherals and focus on yourself it makes it pretty easy to set yourself apart but we have some off the wall shit we are planning on putting out there in the future!

Colin – We really fucking love what we do, and we are as real as it gets. 


6. Any details on what you’re currently working on? And what is the next step for GB moving 



We are just working on doing us. We don’t have any master plans or schemes. We just want to make dope music and get it out to the most people possible. We are focusing more on singles right now because we honestly feel like that is the most fan friendly way to release music. It makes it very easy for us to release tracks as free download for the fans and they are the people we want to make happy!

7. What advice would you give to anyone pursuing a career in edm music?


Don’t! You pursue careers in banking, law, medicine but just make music because you love it. It would be great to make a living and spend all of your time doing what you enjoy, but the only way you will enjoy is if you don’t lose yourself and keep doing what you love. Make the music you want to hear, regardless if it exists yet or not.

Thank you guys so much, we here at Arntrela are huge fans of your guys work and we look forward to covering more of your shows and release

-Dee Wash

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