Rico Love – They Don’t Know (DJ Sliink Remix)[SXSW 14 FREE DOWNLOAD]


To those attending SXSW, the Jersey Club King DJ Sliink has released an exclusive remix of Rico Love’s They Don’t Know. This remix came out HOT, I love how it starts off with a soothing melody and shortly a few bars in, those massive heavy kick drums take over the drop. This is the beauty today’s club music, you truly get the best of both worlds. I caught Sliink at the Avalon last Friday, he by far had the most diverse set. From Trap, Hip-Hop, Jersey and House, he transitioned into tracks that acquired R&B breaks, lets be real here, there is nothing wrong with baby making music on a dj set… or is there ?


(DJ Sliink at Control 3/7)

Catch DJ Sliink at SXSW –  The Globe  18+


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