Trap Thursday: Milo & Otis, Dotcom, CRIMES!, Troyboi

TT-2This week we were blessed with some massive tunes that are guaranteed to give your speakers, as well as your senses, a premium workout. We are stoked to feature in this edition of Trap Thursday: Milo & Otis, Dotcom, Troyboi, Dimond Saints, and Crimes!  Any artist or track I should consider for next week? Shoot an email to or submit your track below. ENJOY!

1. The Dealer (Milo & Otis remix)

Trap fans have been fervently waiting for a new Milo & Otis track, and with they remix of Bro Safari and UFO’s “The Dealer”, it feels a bit like Christmas in March. Brilliant usage of synths building up to what can only be described as arousing drops, honestly, just press play and buckle up. Milo & Otis served up a gourmet treat for their ever-growing and loyal fan base and we are hungry for the next release.

2. Type of Way (Dotcom Remix)

Philly native Dotcom has had a King Midas effect to every track he has remixed thus far, and does us no disservice with his newest trap/hip-hop mix Type of Way”. What already is a sick beat to begin with, it has been majestically transformed into Dotcom’s brand of big bass, big drop, window shattering trap music. Double high fives to Dotcom for this remix, and rest in peace to my speakers.

3.  Are You Ready? (CRIMES!)

You need to recite the title of this track to yourself before pressing play because you will need to be prepared for the journey that is “Are You Ready” by West Coast representative CRIMES! This is the kind of song that incites riots at shows, bringing perfectly blended audio chaos right to your ears. Extremely uptempo pace, snares and hi hats for days, this tune is like what the Civil War would have sounded like if the soldiers used laser beams. Everything about this song is high-octane, so be prepared and definitely check out the rest of this guy’s Soundcloud!

4. FYI (Troyboi)

The UK upholds its crown as the trap and bass capital of the world by continuing to produce talents such as Troyboi. He is one half of the dj duo @soundsnobz, as well as a self-proclaimed music manipulation enthusiast, this ditty trap production is a true testament to that proclamation. FYI (For Your Indulgence) is as masterfully soulful as it is grimey. The daps in this tune are addictive and coupled with the regional trademark kick and bass sound, FYI is an easy favorite!

Submit your track’s below!

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