Trap Thursday: TK-47, Hucci, Rustep, Maxx Baer

TT4This week at Arntrela we came across some great tracks to share with you guys by way of TK-47, Hucci, Rustep, and Max Baer. Extremely excited to share these with you, anyone you think we should hear? Submit below! Long Live The Trap

1. “Ain’t No Bitch”


Fresh off the “Hard Twerk Pays Off” EP, Ain’t No Bitch by TK-47 is an 808 riddled gem that is bound to get the ladies twerking and the homies admiring! Energetic from the jump, this song is sure to be a staple in many DJ sets as festival season approaches. The switch ups on this track are perfection and does magic with the tune’s tempo. When coupled with some professional speakers this song is going to blow some skirts up just as hard as it puts the bass down. Be sure to download the EP!

2. “Wings”


UK Trap God Hucci gave his fans a smooth, sensual killer with his new track Wings. Showing off some major versatility with this one as he goes away from his standard heavy bass instrumentals to show off some unbelievable hi hat and 808 kit work. Wings is beautiful from start to finish with vocals so melodic you can’t help but be intoxicated by. Word in the trap is that Hucci is the undisputed king of this genre and even with a soft, calm tune like this, he really leaves no doubt as to why he is number 1.

3. “Rockin”



Rockin by Russian bass Lord Rustep is nothing but sweet, unadulterated chaos. Definitely a headbanger from the moment you press play and keeps progressing into an even faster tempo as the song goes on. Take major notice of the sick build ups leading up to the drops which may cause some violent whiplash to those who allow themselves to be taken over by the killer 808s of this track. Rockin is classic trap as far as the various elements used and it’s honestly a gift for it to be a free download. Enjoy with caution because this song will assuredly have you in a neckbrace after a few plays

4. Caprisun 

Maxx Baer

Trapdoor Records’ artist Max Baer is no stranger to top notch quality production. His latest effort, “Caprisun”, off of his new Breathe EP is just as sweet and enjoyable as your favorite Caprisun flavor. Synth heaven, wonderfully chopped up vocals, this is the kind of tune you never get sick of hearing. 5 and a half minutes of complete audio euphoria, big ups to Max and the Trapdoor camp as this is a massive piece of work. Download the EP!

Submit your tracks below. 


-Dee Wash 

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