The Drop (Vol. I)

The Drop  Vol.1
The Drop

Hey, “The Drop” is a new semi weekly post (I go offline IRL) to be featured on this beautiful music site. You will see what sounds i’m into and also see a little taste of whats going on in the universe musically. So lets kick things off right with some eclectic tunes for your ears.

Some Dark house tune to get you feeling dangerous. No other blog is on this release, so hoping that this artist gets more love soon.

These cats from the UK have a very unique trap music style that infuses traditional house sounds and it goes so well.

Artful is the project done by the original member of Artful Dodger, the great garage house artist from the UK. Enjoy these vibes brah.

Taku is killing every original and remix and he works magic on upcoming artist Banks.


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