Trap Thursday: Charlie Traplin, Party Favor x Zooly, MR. Carmack, Tropkillaz, Slander

1.Charlie Traplin


Kickz is one of four epic tracks on Charlie Traplin’s new Quartet EP and it is freaking epic. Brighton’s best brought his best on what can only be described as a vicious headbanger. Great bass work, supreme sampling and quantization really sets this track apart from a lot of popular trap songs out there and even adds a real hip hop feel  with the vocals  that give the song an American style with a very much appreciated English twist. Make sure to download the entire EP via the Cream Collective page because this is production that you want to be listening too if you want to hear the what the top of the UK trap sounds like.

2. Party Favor x Zooly


Party Favor and the gate keeper himself, Zooly released a track this week called Meow and it is sure to make a cat lover out of just about anyone. Super twerk music that will have everyone in the club “meowing” once the drop hits. if there is one thing to be said about Zooly, you know what sound you’re going to get but it is never repetitive and always worth the wait. add that in with the skills that party favor provides and what you get is a banger like this. By far one of the more creative tracks I’ve heard and is most definitely worth a listen!


3. Mr. Carmack

Dilemma (trapped)

The trapped version of dilemma is really a piece of art rather than just music. The bass line of this tune makes my head spin and will absolutely throw you in a zone of tranquility. From start to finish, “Dilemma” is calm, ambient trap at its finest. still very bass influenced but so soothing at the same time. Mr Carmack needs no introduction as his line of work speaks for itself, and Dilemma is no different. to put it simply, you can put a fan of any music up to this track and they won’t be able to resist the sickness! great track by a great producer and true master of his craft; some tracks you can’t read about you simply have to listen. listen to this one.

4. Tropkillaz

Nasa Hide (remix) ft Childish Gambino

When hip hop and trap come together, its a great thing. When Tropkillaz and Childish Gambino come together, it give us hope for the future of music. Tropkillaz, if you don’t already know, are the second best thing to come out of Brazil right next to the women that the great country produces and Mr Donald Glover is the one of the great young talents in the hip hop industry. This particular remix is special because not only was it a solid remix of an already sick track, but you add an up and coming rapper like Childish to a song and you really can get people excited. this remix of Nasa’s Hide simply takes Tropkillaz to the next level and is by far one of the best full tracks i have heard in months. much love to Brasil for this one.

5. Slander

Raise Your Hands (trap edit)

Since there are kids reading, I will try to keep my language PG-13 for this particular review, but holy f%&$^$& s&^% this trap edit is made for my mosh pit people seen at every festival around the country. Raise your hands by Slander will take you up high, bring you down low, and have you in complete euphoria for every second of it. this track really sounds like what festival tunes should as it appeals to a live audience much more because there is simply too much energy in this song to not hear live and get crazy too. this tune will put you on a trap roller coaster, hang on tight or get out of the way!


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