Tony Quattro – Mr. Tough Guy EP [Trouble & Bass]

Tony Quattro is a House/Bass music producer from New York. He recently dropped his three track EP “Mr. Tough Guy” on Trouble and Bass. This EP does quite the job if you’re looking to warm the party up or totally kill it. Tony does an amazing job at cutting up all the voices, percussion, and drums. After playing these tracks out I noticed they mixed really well with my Deep House and Jersey Club tunes.  The Sound was a really catchy track to me, I like how it consists of Breakbeat timings along with female vocal lines that chant “Get the fuck up!”. Shiva goes heavier into House rhythms, not to mention the enormous kick drums that blend through the cut up  voices. The track itself  Mr. Tough Guy has en explosive twist to it. Similar to Shiva, its based off House. We’re not talking  about chill groovy House either,  massive kick drums is more like it. If you pay close attention to each drop, the sounds of flutes, voices, and various percussion progress through out the track. This EP is simply the perfect heavy bass package. If you like what you hear, be sure to purchase it on Beatport.  Cheers.


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