Elliphant – Look Like You Love It EP [Mad Decent]

Swedish singer/artist Elliphant just dropped her EP Look Like You Love it on Mad Decent. Every song has a twist, you can easily spot out small pieces of tropical bass genres. Along with having a diverse sound and banging beats, Elliphant features Diplo in her original “All or Nothing”. She also features Skrillex in “Only Getting Younger”. I strongly reccomend this record to anyone that likes good dance music. I can’t say this EP is directly EDM, I think it goes further into melody, and experimentation on certain tracks. You  can dance, jump around, or rock out to certain drops, I think that sums up to being good music. Look Like You Love It holds a powerful representation of what today’s dance music world resembles. Trap, Breaks, Trival, Bass, you name it, this EP has it all. Elliphant’s voice is so unique, which is what connected to me most when I first heard the preview of “Revolusion”. If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up your copy on iTunes.

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