Trap Thursday: Tautixx, Ozzie, Myth, Gutter Brothers

This weeks Trap Thursday hops around all over the globe from LA to the UK to Romania. If we’ve learned anything, we’ve learned that good music has no borders and that the trap is worldwide! Enjoys this weeks installment, and as always, if there’s anything or any artist I should hear, submit below! 


Juicy J Drugs in the club (hustle remix)

15 year old prodigy Tautixx hails all the way from Romania and managed to blow us away with his remix of Juicy J’s Drugs in the Club track. When a producer can take a sick track and transform it into an even better one, he has done his job, and this tune is a job well done. The second drop on the hustle remix is absolutely deadly and the chopped & screwed vocals over the added instrumentals will put you in a trance you will not want to get out of. I don’t know much about the country of Romania, but if this kid is any representation of the musical tastes out there, they get down on the ball trap scene. Props to the kid for this sick remix!


Marble Floors

Cream Collective frontman Ozzie blessed us with a sensual, smooth as butter, cold as ice track Marble Floors, and it is awesome. A bit different from the bass bangers of his illustrious catalogue, there are still no shortage of 808s on this softer style tune. The contrast between the gangster hip hop vocals and lighter beat make for a perfect blend and will definitely leave you begging for more. This is Calm Trap music at its finest folks!



Vffectixn is the latest release from Trapdoor Records duo Myth and it is absolutely beautiful. This is the kind of track that will make you want to be in a relationship just so you can play it for your significant other. The hide and go seek bassline keep your ears yearning for the next progression coupled with some of Myth’s trademark vocal work makes this track an absolute staple for your bedroom playlist. The sexy was brought on this track and it did not go unnoticed!

Gutter Brothers ft. Jogele


Just when it seems like they can’t get any better, LA trap duo Gutter Brothers still manage to surprise us with quality production with their upcoming track entitled “Kill”. The percussion work on this track is nothing short of A1 and the song writing/vocals are just delightful. By now, you should know what to expect from GB, always gutter, always dope. Big ups for this one, be on the lookout for the full version April 28!

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