Let`s Get Tropical Special Feature: Gianni Marino ft. Mahesa Utara & Goldy – Gokill! Official Video/Beatport release

This week on Let’s Get Tropical, we feature a killer video/release from Gianni Marino ft. Mahesa Utara & Goldy.

From cosplay to mid-song transitions and pre-song texting, everything about both this video and the corresponding track are representative of what’s happening right now in the Global Bass scene.  It starts out with a standard issue Dembow beat, and hits you fast with a sexy vocal build, transitioning into all the lazers, party, chops, and samples you could ask for.

Right about when the vocal hits, so do the Indonesian sucias on the video side.  Lowriders, motorcycles, dancers…Why would you not watch this on repeat?  We can’t think of any reason not to, every time there’s something new to see (Was that a Mario costume?).  Also, pretty sure at 2:40 you can see a girl used as a human workout tool.  And wait..what’s this at 3:40?  OH, it’s a dope transition into some trapped out bass music.  COOL.

The video looks like it tells the story of just about every [good] underground dance party that ever happened, but it does it in a playful way, giving you a taste of what scene life is like in Indonesia.  If you got through reading all of this before you hit play, good on ya.  Even if you didn’t…We’re  happy to share this tune, and have no problem giving it our full support.


It’s already out on beatport, and hits iTunes May 19.  Go get it!

And if you want to be featured on Let’s Get Tropical, send a message over to misterluke@arntrela.com

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