IMS Engage 2014: Giorgio Moroder In Conversation with Pete Tong

_DS27036“My life changed when the Robots called”… Giorgio Moroder

Few people can play testament to a quote like this but the legendary producer of Donna Summer‘s ‘I Feel Love’ and co-producer of Daft Punk‘s Grammy Award winning album ‘Random Access Memories‘ certainly can. Accompanied by IMS partner Pete Tong, recently awarded an MBE by the Queen of England, this conversation had all the pedigree for the lovers of electronic music and much more.

Giorgio had the crowd in the palm of his hands from his first words, with a big round of applause when reciting the famous opening lines from Daft Punk’s ‘Giorgio By Moroder‘, a homage to him: “ My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everyone calls me Giorgio.”

For the next 40 minutes, the two tastemakers tracked Moroder’s career from the 70s from working with Donna Summer and producing one of the first disco tracks “I Feel Love” right through to 2014, where he’s found a new calling as a DJ utilising Ableton Live. “DJing today is not what it was 20 years ago. The big DJs now, they are rock stars.”

Giorgio returned the questions to Tong about life in LA after his recent move. Tong said: “LA is inspiring, it‘s opening up many doors and it just feels right to be here.

A funny moment came during a discussion about Tong’s own music brand / platform “All Gone”, with Giorgio complementing the name and its origins from the infamous “Its All Gone Pete Tong” film, which resulted in the discussion of Tong’s “All Gone To Sea” cruise concept later in the year, which may or may not now feature Giorgio!

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A must watch!

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