Moombahton Monday presented by Steve Ohh


Mondays were meant for Moombahton and to start off the one of many MOOMBAHTON MONDAYS here at ARNTRE we shall go into the depths of Soundcloud to explore the world of the 108-110 bpm. You will see names that you may have seen before and some that you have not. Let’s get this thing started, make sure to follow, like and grab the free downloads these producers have for you. Thank you Danny for letting me push the Moombahton sound here. Stay tuned for more tunes, interviews and exclusive Moombahton material. TURN UP THE VOLUME AND ENJOY!!!!

Starting things off with a bang, the NY based producer known to the world as Ricky Vaughn hit 30K likes and blessed us with a bootleg pack like no other.

This tune right here by El Negro Mozambique is straight fire.

G-unnior takes me back to the glory days of Moombahton, this guy is on fire right now!

I don’t need to say anything about this guy right here he is a KID that makes serious Mombahton NOIZE.

Mambo Killers went in on these two tracks, just click play.

Someone please tell Gabriel Rowano to make some more of this!!!!

This track has so much SABOR going on!!!!

WOOGIE you’re a BASS BEAST!!!! Shout out to the only due that makes floral shirts look tough as hell!!

Some CORE from the talented dude C.O.D.A. WHAT UP HOMIE????

Antae and Bacondo team up and send some serious vibes your way.

Not all Moombahton but Whyel has been dropping some dope Moombah in his tunes for a WHYEL NOW!!!!

MA$ CERVEZA para su Cinco De Mayo!!!

Dominican powered Moombahton brought to you by Varilla!!!!

If you don’t know the name Ma Less go jump off a cliff NOW! Don’t let the flute fool you this tune is BANGIN!!!!!!

The Noise Twins are here and they are not holding back!!!

To finish things off I leave you with a Soundcloud page that is 100% Moombahton. Original Moombahton is the source for all your Moombahton needs, from the ones you know to the up and coming Moombahton producers can be found here. Original Moombahton, MiniMaxx (Maxx&EJ) and myself (Steve Ohh) recently  have teamed up and will bring to you a Moombahton Compilation be on the lookout for details. For now enjoy the sound that we call MOOMBAHTON!

-Steve Ohh

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