Porter Robinson clearly states “Clarity was written at the last moment before the album Clarity was released” on BBC Radio 1

avalon190_007Last week Porter Robinson was interviewed on BBC Radio 1 by  Zane Lowe, he talked about his new album Worlds and “Ghost Producing”.  He clearly stated that he wrote a well-known “EDM” track with a friend but ended up taking his name off it before it was released, one thing, you guys missed the main part of the interview because of the hype around the second question “Will you or have you ever ghost produced?” but at the beginning of the interview Porter talks about the process of Worlds and how it was made in the eleventh hour and then right after that he states

“the song CLARITY was written at the last moment before the album Clarity was released”

If you listen clearly you can hear someone hitting the desk and laughing, like if  he was in disbelieve of what Porter stated on the air. Zane mentions that “it’s gotten really freaky in here, his management team was literally naked, weeping the future, it got really strange in here” So that answers our question. Why was the Porter Robinson interview deleted from the BBC Radio 1 station? Because this was a total slip up. Guess what, we have the clip below for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Photo Credit to the one and only RUKES

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