Trap Thursday: Hucci, $yrup, Rustep and CRNKN


The Trap God himself drops a brand new ominous track entitled Leaf, and although different from his normal sound, Ollie still manages to show that he is in his own lane when it comes to trap production. Leaf will take you on a journey that you will not regret going on, all should now down to the king of this trap shit.

Rustep x Crvck it!

It’s my party

Rustep and Crvck it team up to become Booty Clappers and remixed the classic It’s My Party track into an absolute banger. This track scores 10/10 for creativity and execution of some very sick use of snares and transitions. You and your grandmother could enjoy this tune as it is a great trap version of a classic oldies song. Vocal samples were on point, drops are amazing, excellent work out of these two, be sure to check out the entire Blackwork EP from these guys, all fire!


Banks bedroom walls remix

This jam here is sexy trap at its finest as CRNKN puts his spin on Banks’ Bedroom Walls track. Perfect mixing and screwed vocals is sure to put any listener in the zone. A very dance feel with some nice trap undertones makes for an excellent remix that I highly recommend for a late night drive up PCH with your girl as the female vocals are sure to set the mood just right! Enjoy responsibly kids!



Possibly some of the best bass work I’ve heard all year, our good friend $yrup came with the goods on his latest track Nightmare. This track should serve as a how to for any new artist to the trap genre as it is textbook perfection when it comes to the snare and bass combos. This song is a nightmare to the competition, don’t sleep in the homie $yrup, you might not wake up.

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