#TWRKSDAYZ: Fresh Fire For The Fam.

It’s that time again, Fam.  Time to drop the freshest fresh fire for the Fam that we can.  This week we step into the mainstream, dig into the deepest depths of the underground scene, and go ham on the streets to bring you the latest edition of #TWRKSDAYZ.

Let’s start the burn.

Coming in strong, Play-n-Skillz just dropped an Ellie Goulding edit that will light things up every time you play it.  At first it sounds like a pretty standard issue top 40 edit…But thenthe drop hits, and the fire starts burning.  One of thos songs that makes you stop and say “Damn”;  This tune is the definition of a bad ass edit.


Oh, you need fuel to keep it burning?  How about a massive bootleg pack from none other than Twerk demi-god himself,  Diplo. To celebrate hiting a millie followers on Facebook, he gave out hella free tunes, all in one set, and labelled t a bootleg pack.  And of course it’s loaded with that Twerk shit we luh doe.

This fire…it’s getting hot.  Too hot? Mah, but we at Arntre arepretty sure this movement is ready to start a Twerk inferno…OH WAIT.  It already did.  Go get some DJ Bravo.  This shit is so fuego the basic Twerk fan’s face migh melt clean off, mang.  Fiddy has never sounded better than this. Sh-sh-h-h-h shake dat ass!


Ay.  Speaking of basic…Be that if you’ve gotta, because we all love to see them ratchets on stage bouncing.  On the other side tho, if you’re a dark, complex motherfucker (either way really), this jam’s for you.   Tighttraxx

And that round up another week of #TWRKSDAYZ on Arntre.

Got a song you want featured?  HMU. misterluke@arntrela.com

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