Get in here, pull up a speaker, and take something off to this.  3 fresh tracks, guaranteed to get that sub woofer pumping.

Every once in a while, a song comes along that DJ need to have in their collection.  One of those tunes that after (or even during) the first listen makes you just know you need to have it.  Dan Farber‘s Bootyzillas is that song.  Simply complex, thizzified, and a certified ass mover; this is the song that gets your next set jumping.


Here at #TWRKSDAYZ, or goal is to get your whole party jackin’ it.  Jukin’ it.  Poppin’ it.  Lockin’ it.  All that.  This next one’s a fresh take on a classic vocal style, very much on a house tip.  Atom Pushers are definitely about that life, and this track is pure sexy evidence of that fact.  Arntre gives this full Bootyzilla status, and our full support.

WTF is this slowing my 100 down to 95 BPM shit all about..?  OH.  THAT’s what it’s about.  CzUR hints at Hardstyle, Swing, Trap, and that Southern swaggeron this genre-breaking composition.  Skip to the 2nd drop, and go apeshit.  Throw your TV out the hotel room window.  Flip the table.  Freak the fuck out to it, basically.  Try not to.  Pretty much impossible.  And for that, it gets straight Bootyzilla status.


Stay tuned for next week’s #TWRKSDAYZ, only on Arntre.

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