Astronomar’s – Mutant Club EP (Download)

909066_originalIt’s here! Astronomar’s 4 track Mutant Club EP is now available for free for the next month, and definitely is worth a listen. Recently released on his Main.Course label, Astronomar takes you on a galactic journey through futuristic sounds that will leave you wanting more. Here’s what we thought about it.

Astronomar – Gargoile

Don’t expect any “sick drops” here! Gargoile is a chemistry experiment filled with a song with modern cues, and a layer of carefully placed static effect to leave you guessing what would come next with rest of the EP.

Astronomar & Bot – Drama

Ah yes, here comes the woodblocks. This is sure to be a great big room track, good enough for any festival when it gets in the right hands.

Astronomar – Ha Ha Ha

Simple, yet complex. Break out your best set of speakers and listen to the sub-bass in our favorite track from this EP. Astronomar meshes together a bass line that sounds like it comes of straight out of a warehouse rave in the 90s.

Astronomar – Thot Process

Brace yourselves. The moment you get to the 1:13 mark, you will contract what we here at ArNTre call “permanent-stank-face.” It’s disgusting, its ugly, and you will love it.

Astronomar is headlining our next WAVES event on May 24th (Memorial Day Weekend).Our friends at are giving away tickets, more info here…


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