Trap Thursday: Gutter Brothers x Kat Haus, Wizard, Tropkillaz, Flechette

1. Gutter Brothers x Kat Haus

LA trap royalty duo Gutter Brothers teamed up with Kat Haus to drop one of the smoothest calm trap tracks of the year. “Familiar” really shows off GB’s versatility as they take a brief pause from their usual grime trap style to produce this serene gem. The snare work and vocals take the spotlight on this one and I find it amazing how a tune so clean can still be so masterfully gutter. Huge track by these guys and if you are in LA on May 24th, be sure to check them out at our next Waves event! Keep it Gutter.


The Wizard has once again worked his magic, blessing us with “Flex”, an absolute true trap track sure to low your system out if not enjoyed at responsible decibel levels. Flex is the kind of track you go to shows for as it certainly will bring out the moshing from the boys as well as the twerking from the ladies. Absolute headbanger by the captain talent out of the Cream Collective set, do not sleep on this guy, all talent no hype, major shout to Cream collective!

3. Tropkillaz
Two Drags

Brazil’s most prominent trap dj duo Tropkillaz dropped “Two Drags” last week and it is still hotter than the women of their home country. A 92bpm masterpiece that only gets sicker as the track progresses, Two Drags is a main ingredient in the turn up formula. Big drops, supreme use of distorted reggae-ish vocals and a crazy tempo, you are destined to play Two Drags atleast two times every time you hear it. The trap has no borders, and even if it did, they would be blown down by that Tropkillaz signature bass line. Monster tune!

4. Flechette

Trapdoor trio Flechette gave us a trap manual with their new track Wavey. Instrument choices on this tune are nuts, crazy chords, teasing snares, amazing build ups and some salivating drops and vocal work is sure to boosts Flechtte’s popularity among trap heads worldwide. Really digging the middle eastern vibe on this track and I am in deep anticipation of the next project from these guys.


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