Los Moombahtoneros: Ricky Vaughn


Welcome to Los Moombahtoneros, a post where I showcase the sounds of the past and present Moombahtonistas. This week I have chosen none other than Ricky Vaughn. Coming off a recent tour in Mexico, Ricky Vaughn blessed us with a ton of free material. He killed the scene with his Viva La Ricky EP, Viva La Ricky Remixes and with a 30K Likes Bootleg Pack. 95% of his music can be grabbed for free off his Soundcloud (YES I SAID FREE). I think it’s safe to say when you speak of Moombahton the name Ricky Vaughn comes up. The sound that he delivers is genuine Moombahton. He takes a good hit on tunes and his sound is top of the line. Not only is he the Moombahton King, he also ventures into Trap, Hip Hop and other BPM’s in the music industry. As a fan of his music and a follower since his early days Joshua Vega has to go down as a Legend in the Moombahton scene. I leave you with a great set of tunes from this talented producer. Tune in next week for entry number two in the series. ENJOY & MOOMBAHTON FOREVER!!!























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