Trap Thursday: TK-47 x BL3R, Tautixx, Knuckle Children x Rise, Datsik

1. TK-47 x BL3R

“If only TK-47 was in charge of the entire Godzilla movie soundtrack”….my thoughts after hearing his new collab with BL3R! The percussion work on this tune leading up to some monstrous drops are absolutely unbelievable. Perfect dialogue samples, aggressive transitions, this has to be what Godzilla listens to as he destroys cities. Wonderfully chaotic track, so good it’s exhausting, extended gold clap for a job well done on this song!

Love U

Tautixx has been making some waves in the trap ocean with some of his recent works including his remix of juicy j’s drugs in the club and even putting his spin on one of Hucci’s tracks, but with this original, chill trap tune “Love U”, he proves to be more than just a masterful remixer, but also has the ability to create some audio beauty of his own. Love U, is a mellow, soothing, and serene but still will give your speakers a workout with some well placed light bass work and intoxicating vocals. Good music has no borders or age limit, and this Romanian teen is living proof.

3. Knuckle Children x Reise

Exordium is by far one of the most complete trap songs I’ve heard all year. Killer synth pattern and angelic vocals stand out the most, the breaks in between drops with those snares is simply pristine. Just when you think the track has peaked, there is a nice surprise at the 2:35 mark in the form of a drop to challenge all drops! It will leave you breathless, this is trap taken to the next level and it is awesome at every turn.

4. Datsik ft Georgia Murray
Hold it Down

When Datsik produces, you listen. Follow that rule and you will never be disappointed with what you hear, and “Hold You Down” is no exception to the rule. What sets this track apart is that is plays out like more of a story than just a looping bass ridden trap beat. The vocal work will put you in a state of bliss as the bass will simultaneously drop you into a state of oblivion. Heard a lot of Flux comparisons to the songs production style, and while I can see the argument, I can honestly say that Flux never put it down like this! DATSIK FTW.


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