Los Moombahtoneros: Dj Sabo


“This is something special for you” for this edition of Los Moombahtoneros I bring you none other thank Mr. Sabrosura Funk Dj Sabo. Creator of Sol Selecta Records and Moombahton Massive. DJ SABO is a symbol of the sound we know as Moombahton. When we talk about the music Sabo has released, I think we can call it “World Bass”. He is not afraid to touch every sound and put that SABO funk to it, from Afrobeat, Moombahton, Tech, Tropical, Reggae, Dub, Salsa, Cumbia you name it Dj Sabo creates  musical masterpieces. If you want to take a trip down Moombahton Memory lane hit up Sol Selecta’s Soundcloud and pick up some great gems that are up for FREE on the page. If you ever get a Moombahton Massive like we did in our city make sure you attend it. Sabo really puts it all out there and by far the best set I have ever witnessed to this day. Enough preaching, I leave you with an array of Moombahton & Funk filled tunes by the great Dj Sabo. Follow & like Dj Sabo’s pages out there to keep up to date with his musical releases.


Enjoy & Remember…..Moombahton Forver!!


























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