Original Moombahton Vol.1 Promo Mix Brought To You By Dr. Khan


Some say that Moombahton is dead but we who are straight Moombahtonistas know that Moombahton is in full stride and at the top of its game. Along side Maxx of Maxx & DJEJ & the people of Original Moombahton, we bring you the biggest Moombahton Compilation ever to be released. From greats like Ricky Vaughn to up and coming talent like Kapo, Locomotive & NoiseTwins to newcomers like Krumm & Varilla. This compilation is the true showcase of Moombahton talent. I leave you with a great promo mix done by none other than Dr. Khan (1/3 of the Moombahton Mafia). See you next Monday here with the release of BIGGEST MOOMBAHTON COMPILATION TO DATE.



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